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Cross-Country Skiing :
Remain natural !


In Braca, In pierre St Martin 25 km of cross-country runs wait for you. Measure them together with instructors ESF. That you wish to be introduced or that you wish to perfect, various groups of levels offer themselvesto you.
By practising cross-country skiing, you take advantage of fifted out and secure tracks crossing through the mountain and the beeches and the fir trees. Doubtless the best way of discovering Pyrenees under the snow, breathtaking landscapes where calms down and serenity reign in authoritatively, admire a nature protected in a ski slopes with a human ladder.

With the ESF, discover two big tecnical orientations of the cross-country skiing. By keeping your parallel skis, you stay in tracks, according to a said tecnique “a classic”. She is ideal for the beginners and lends itself perfectly to strolls in mountains.
The “skating” is practised on the other hand with the divergent skis. This technique asks for more power but is essential to approach the rises. She gets a sensation of speed which will delight all the hardened skiers.

Private lessons

A demand for technique, and an apprehension you have to dominate.
With the complicity of your instructor, you will progress with a custom-made quality teaching.










The Promotion of the season

5 % of reduction for a 5 hours plan!
10 % of reduction for a 10 hours plan!

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Cancellation insurance

During your purchases, an insurance cancellation will be proposed to you. She allows the repayment of all or part of your reservation in case of bad weather, disease (on medical certificate), death… We invite you to acquaint with this not compulsory option :
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